Where to Buy Yacon Syrup Online

There are many places from where you can purchase Yacon Syrup. However, before you buy any of the Yacon Syrup products note the below points

  1. The Yacon Syrup product must be manufactured in an FDA approved lab.
  2. It should not be imported from other third world countries like India and China. It should be manufactured within the US.
  3. The seller should be approved by FDA (online sellers should carry a certification of approval on their sites)
  4. Finally the price should be reasonable.

To help you out in this situation we have come up with a list of Yacon Syrup retailers online and rated them according to various factors. However, if you ask where to buy yacon syrup locally then we will recommend Yacon Molasses  as the best merchant as they meet all the above mentioned guidelines.

What is Yacon Extract?

The Yacon Syrup is an extract of the root of Yacon plant (Smallanthus sonchifolius). Roots of Yacon plant are tuberous and edible in nature. Due to its sweetening effect Yacon roots are used as sweetening agents.  It is also called by the name of Peruvian ground apple.

These are perennial plants and blossom throughout the year. However, the main ingredient of the plant is their roots. They grow to a height of 2 m and blossom small yellow flowers.

These plants are commonly found in the Andes slopes to Amazon. Farmers within this region cultivated Yacon plant along the borders of field. When farmers need refreshment they use the tuberous roots as a supplement.

With mild climate like Southern Australia and Tasmania the Yacon plant can be grown indoors or within gardens. The plant should be placed during spring. And when winter arrives, the aerial parts will wither and die. The roots however, will remain unharmed which can be used for processing or for household use. When extracting the roots it is recommended to leave some behind so that it can spring in the coming spring season.

What is the Procedure?

First as soon as the Yacon plant’s tubers are well grown they are harvested by authorized personnel or agency. These people need authorization in order to ensure that no toxins are included in the process. Later the roots are washed in purified waters so as to remove dirt and any other foreign material. The skin is later peeled and sent to mills where it is milled. After it has been milled antioxidants such as Vitamin C are added to ensure the milled product is not oxidized. Finally, a syrup is extracted.

However, this is not the end product. It contains high levels of water which needs dehydration. Hence it is moved into a tank where it is dehydrated after which we receive the thickest Yacon Syrup. This is then packed and marketed.

This end product contains more than 50% of Fructooligosaccharide that helps in weight loss.

How does it work?

The tuberous roots contain Fructooligosaccharide which is a polysaccharide made up of fructose (hence it tastes sweet). Interesting over here is that fructooligosaccharide is unmetabolized. In other words when you consume the extract of this root it won’t be metabolized by your system and you won’t be consuming calories. And moreover, the fructooligosaccharide is prebiotic. In layman terms, bacteria within our digestive system absorb them which give our digestion system a boost.

Hence there are two things happening:

  1. First, since the extract is indigestible it passes through our system without adding calories to ur system and yet offering the same sweet taste as sugar provides. Therefore, you get the feeling of being full without ever adding calorie to your body.
  2. Secondly, since the extract is prebiotic, bacteria get a boost and they start digesting like crazy. Simply put the overall metabolism of your body increases. Hence, the possibility of storing unused fat is out of equation. Hence, you will no longer store fat which increases weight.

As these two things happen you won’t be changing your lifestyle. Since, you are not gaining extra calories than usual and you are not storing fat the only logical explanation is you will be using your body’s stored fat for energy. Eventually you will start losing weight.

Role of Fructooligosaccharide in Weight Loss?

Above we discussed the general role of the extract. However, in this section we are going to discuss the specific effects of Fructooligosaccharide. As mentioned before the fructooligosaccharide when digested and comes into contact with the gastric juices it expands. Now when it expands it also expands the stomach. If you recollect your biology classes you will remember that satiating signal is sent every time your stomach is full. Brain interprets the stomach to be full only when it has expanded. The same happens with Yacon Extract. It expands the stomach, satiating signal is sent to the brain and acts like appetite suppressant.

Side Note: Yacon syrup is also known to increase immunity of an individual. For example, if you fall sick very often then it is time that you take the Yacon Syrup now. I guess here stops your search for where can I buy yacon syrup locally

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits of Yacon Syrup. Some of the most important are listed below:

Appetite Suppressant:

On consuming Yacon syrup one can expect a significant drop in hunger pang. When you start consuming the extract you will be surprised at how you are not feeling the likes to eat. As a result you will eat less and body will start using up the stored fat within the body. Eventually you will start shed those unwanted weights which you have been looking forward.

Increased Metabolism:

Again we are stressing this fact of increased metabolism. It increases the level of metabolism in your body and aids in complete digestion of food. Now combine this factor with the above factor of weight loss. You can imagine how much you will lose with just these two factors.

Revitalizes Body:

Let us say that you are fit and healthy. Do you still need yacon syrup? Well, yes. You will need it to rejuvenate your body. It is that simple. You will be able to rejuvenate your body system and revitalize it completely.

Acts as a sweetener:

How about using a sugar that does not add calorie? Sounds interesting, eh? This syrup doe not gets digested within the system and hence, it does not add even a single calorie to your body and yet imparts the sweet taste that you are looking for.

Decreases Cholesterol and Blood Pressure:

If you are diabetic or have high blood pressure then you make use of this syrup to decrease them. Cholesterol and blood pressure is caused by fat deposits and sugar levels respectively. When you use this extract in your diet you won’t be consuming any extra sugar, thereby decreasing the blood pressure and you won’t have cholesterol as the body uses up stored fat.

Increases Energy Level:

The yacon plant is refreshment for farmers and gives them the extra that they require at the time of fatigue. Hence, the extract contains the same benefits. Therefore, if you are looking for a diet that does not deprive you of energy and keeps you refreshed throughout the day, then this is the right one to go.

Maintaining Bone Density:

If you are aging then you are very well versed with the symptoms that show. First and most crucial sign of aging is losing bone density. Moreover, today’s modern women also suffer from lose of bone density. Hence, if you are a woman or aging into oldness then this is for you. Take it thrice daily and you will have those strong bones once again.

Rich in Fiber:

If you had ever consulted a doctor (which you must have) you will learn that fiber is an essential source

For our body to function properly. There are many vegetables that are rich in fibre. However, there are only few syrups or I should say only one that is rich in fibre. Hence, they should be essential part in your diet.

What is Organic yacon Syrup?

If you have been reading our post then you will recollect that organic is 100% natural whereas Inorganic have chemical traces in them. In other words the organic is pure and the other is impure and contains toxins and insecticides that are used on the plants. However, the laws within the United States are so strict that you can benefit from it. Laws within US do not allow inorganic promotion and only organic extracts are supplied. However, there is a possibility that you might get tricked by online merchants into purchasing an inorganic and hence you need our recommendation.

How to Take it?

Taking the extract is as simple as taking your meals. The only thing you have to remember is to consume the extract before every meal, not after and not with the meal. This should be very clear. It has to be taken thrice daily before each meal. The amount is same for all and it is one spoon per dosage. However, if your doctor prefers to have the dosage amount higher or lower we request you to follow his advice.

Mixing it with other drinks?

Some people prefer to use it as a substitute to sugar. For example if you love coffee then you might want to add the extract instead of sugar. This is completely fine. You can mix it with any liquid drink that you want. Water is also a great choice. However, we do not recommend that you mix it with alcohol or the likes of it.

How much weight can I lose with Yacon?

I don’t want to sound as someone who creates product hype. Hence, I am not going to say that in numbers. However, I will say one thing though. Your weight loss will take place gradually during the starting of the diet plan. And as you keep progressing you will notice drastic amount of weight loss which will be completely safe. In short just try for a month and I can guarantee that you will not want to leave off this diet.

Can I use this diet for short term?

Of course you can use this diet for short term purposes. But the weight loss will not be as significant as it is to those who are using it long term. Hence, we recommend long term usage rather than just a short term. But if you want to lose those few pounds for prom or other purposes then it is completely fine.

What are the side effects?

As for now there has been no side effects mentioned of Yacon Syrup. Personally I have used it and found none. But some do have reported abdomen pain, nausea and head ache which is common with any weight loss program.

Best Alternative to Yacon Syrup for Weight Loss?

The other best alternative to yacon syrup for weight loss is HCG drops. They are well known to effectively reduce weight. For complete information on HCG drops reviews visit this site by Helen Sanders.


We advise our readers to not consider the information presented on this blog to be that of medical advice. Moreover, the yacon Syrup or Extract has not been verified by FDA as an approved weight loss supplement. We or the information provided on this blog should not be considered responsible for any action that is resulted through this blog. Our objective is to advice on where can you purchase yacon syrup? You are solely responsible for every action you take.